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Independent Assessments

and Meticulous Reports

by Medical Consultants

Why a Capacity Report? Mental Capacity Assessment Retrospective Capacity Assessment
Why a Capacity Report?
Why Choose Halcyon Doctors?

The purpose of every capacity assessment is to take away ambiguity and replace it with unquestionable clarity, which is why only the most solid assessments and reports will do. Halcyon Doctors stand out in providing this solidity.


Thorough expert assessments by medical consultants

Halcyon Doctors’ independent mental capacity assessments are thorough (up to 120 minutes), covering the individual’s cognitive, psychological and physical health as well as their capacity to make a … read more

Meticulously written reports that stand up in court

One of the reasons for determining someone’s mental capacity to make an important decision is so that it can be defended against future challenges. It is therefore imperative that assessments are conducted … read more

Complete service including LPA Certificates and CoP3 Forms

Aside from the assessment and report, the Halcyon Doctor may witness a Will. Following a capacity assessment related to granting Lasting Powers of Attorney, the consultant can either provide an LPA Certificate … read more

Seamless integration of medical and legal expertise

Impairment of mental capacity is often a symptom of a serious health condition that needs further specialist attention, which Halcyon Doctors, due to their outstanding clinical expertise, can seamlessly provide. … read more

Proud to be trusted by leading law
firms including:

Mental Capacity Assessment

Two-thirds of all Halcyon Doctors are Consultant Psychiatrists and these specialists are ideally placed to assess mental capacity and produce a watertight medical or court report.

Mental Capacity Assessment


Halcyon Doctors possess both the clinical expertise required to assess cognitive function (and any impairment thereof) and an intricate understanding of the different legal tests applied to determine someone’s mental capacity to take a specific decision or carry out a specific task – examples include:

  • Capacity to set up an LPA for health and welfare
  • Capacity to set up an LPA for property and financial affairs
  • Capacity to revoke a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Capacity to set up or change a Will (Testamentary Capacity)
  • Capacity to manage financial affairs
  • Capacity to litigate
  • Capacity to make a significant gift
  • Capacity to decide where to reside

Find Your Halcyon Doctor

Please get in touch to discuss the specific situation and determine which Halcyon Doctor is best in terms of specialism, location and/or spoken language. All Halcyon Doctors are outstanding specialists in their respective field.

Pricing Mental Capacity Assessment


Each service comprises the appointment and additional time including, but not limited to, reading background information, liaising with the solicitor and/or family members and producing a full report.

Type of Service



Type of Service

Capacity assessment: BAND I


e.g. Capacity to setup an LPA; Capacity to revoke an LPA; uncomplicated Deputyship / CoP3 applications



Type of Service

Capacity assessment: BAND II


e.g. Testamentary Capacity, Capacity to manage financial affairs, Capacity to decide where to reside



Type of Service

Capacity assessment: BAND III


e.g. Covers more complex BAND I or II assessments



Type of Service

Capacity assessment: BAND IV


e.g. Capacity to Litigate, Capacity to Work, Capacity relating to revocation of Deputyship



Type of Service

Travel supplement**


Min charge of 1 hour i.e. up to 30 min. each way



*For more complex or multi-part assessments, or assessments not covered above, please contact us.
**Charged at an hourly rate of £100 and to be confirmed at appointment scheduling.
***Prices are exclusive of VAT.

“I was very pleased and impressed with the service you provided.”
Solicitor, Osbornes LLP
Retrospective Capacity Assessment

A retrospective capacity assessment is conducted when a past decision is legally challenged in the present on the grounds of supposed lack of capacity at the time that decision was taken. An example of this is Contentious Probate, where the validity of someone’s Will is contested at the point of execution.

Retrospective Capacity Assessment


Our Halcyon Doctors are dual-trained in both mental and physical health, and have a rare binocular approach when retrospectively assessing capacity (a.k.a. forensic assessments). This is invaluable in more complex cases where individuals were affected by a number of different health conditions. Our Halcyon Doctors accepts instructions from anywhere in the UK. The cost of this service starts from £300 p/h + VAT depending on the chosen expert.


Find Your Halcyon Doctor

Please get in touch to discuss the specific situation and determine which Halcyon Doctor is best in terms of specialism, location and/or spoken language. All Halcyon Doctors are outstanding specialists in their respective field.

“Dear [Halcyon Doctor], thank you for the comprehensive report on Mrs H’s capacity. I am very glad to have received such a detailed report, which chimed with my own view that Mrs H has full capacity.”
Solicitor, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP
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Our Commitments


Halcyon Doctors are without exception accomplished specialists in psychiatry, geriatrics or neurology. You will be seen by the most appropriate doctor considering your unique symptoms, situation and wishes.


Halcyon Doctors recognise that cognitive impairment is unsettling for both you and your family. We strive to bring a sense of calm and expert reassurance by being approachable and sympathetic, as well as thorough and solution-oriented.

Solicitor, Bolt Burdon
“I use and recommend your services regularly.”


We believe excellent medical expertise and high-quality service go hand in hand, which is why Halcyon Doctors aim to schedule appointments within days, at a time and place of your choosing, arranging any follow-ups without delay.


We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency, providing a clear pricing structure, and refusing financial incentives from pharmaceutical companies or payments for referrals. Halcyon Doctors’ medical approach is wholly independent.

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