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The Specialists in

Cognitive Health and

Mental Capacity

We are Halcyon Doctors

Halcyon Doctors are exemplary private consultants specialised in cognitive impairment and mental capacity, offering bespoke assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

We take pride in being approachable, thorough and solution-oriented.

Symptoms & Conditions

Common symptoms to look out for are changes of thinking speed, mental agility, language use, understanding, judgement, as well as memory loss. There are a broad range of physical and psychological conditions, including more than 100 different types of dementia, that could cause these cognitive symptoms. For any treatment to be effective, timely and accurate diagnosis is imperative.

  • Over 100 types of dementia including:
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Vascular dementia
    • Lewy Body dementia
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Fronto-temporal dementia
  • Acute confusional state (delirium) most commonly caused by:
    • Infection
    • Heart disease
    • Constipation
    • Stroke
    • Medications
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Long term medical conditions (not causing delirium) such as:
    • Underactive thyroid
    • Cancer
    • Brain tumor
  • Chronic drug and alcohol misuse
  • Head injury
  • Korsakoff’s syndrome

The first step, if you or someone close to you is experiencing or suspecting some form of cognitive impairment, is to get in touch with us to discuss the issues you are facing and to decide the best way forward.


If you choose to see a Halcyon Doctor, we’ll endeavour to schedule the appointment within a matter of days. We also recognise the value in meeting you at a place where you feel most comfortable, typically in your own home, and at a time that suits you.


Halcyon Doctors take referrals from General Practitioners or Specialist Doctors for clinical assessments and welcome instructions from Solicitors for capacity assessments.

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“The doctor’s highly professional, direct and honest approach yet accompanied by such warmth and caring provided great comfort to us all.”
Daughter of patient
Find a Halcyon Doctor

Please get in touch to discuss your specific situation and determine which Halcyon Doctor is best for you in terms of specialism, location and/or spoken language. All Halcyon Doctors are outstanding specialists in their respective field.

Our Services

Halcyon Doctors are adept at recognising the multitude of conditions that can affect your health, daily life, social activities and even legal position in countless different ways.

Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis

Halcyon Doctors are experienced specialists who employ the latest diagnostic techniques to analyse symptoms and identify the health condition(s) behind them to produce a swift and accurate diagnosis. The formal diagnosis that follows includes...

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Clinical Treatment and Therapy

Some underlying conditions are curable and appropriate treatment can fully restore cognitive function, whilst others require ongoing health management. Halcyon Doctors and their multidisciplinary team of Clinical Psychologists, Specialist Nurses...

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Mental Capacity Assessment

Two-thirds of all Halcyon Doctors are Consultant Psychiatrists and these consultants are ideally placed to assess mental capacity. They possess both the clinical expertise required to assess cognitive function (and any impairment thereof), and an intricate...

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Retrospective Capacity Assessment

A retrospective capacity assessment is conducted when a past decision is legally challenged in the present on the grounds of supposed lack of capacity at the time that decision was taken. An example of this is Contentious Probate...

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Our Commitments


Halcyon Doctors are without exception accomplished specialists in psychiatry, geriatrics or neurology. You will be seen by the most appropriate doctor considering your unique symptoms, situation and wishes.


Halcyon Doctors recognise that cognitive impairment is unsettling for both you and your family. We strive to bring a sense of calm and expert reassurance by being approachable and sympathetic, as well as thorough and solution-oriented.

Daughter of patient
“This is both art and science: a truly human service for a vulnerable clientele.”


We believe excellent medical expertise and high-quality service go hand in hand, which is why Halcyon Doctors aim to schedule appointments within days, at a time and place of your choosing, arranging any follow-ups without delay.


We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency, providing a clear pricing structure, and refusing financial incentives from pharmaceutical companies or payments for referrals. Halcyon Doctors’ medical approach is wholly independent.

Care Quality Commission Rating