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Halcyon Heroes™ Is a Youth Achievement Award Centred Around the Topic of Dementia


“The Halcyon Heroes Award is something all of us at Aspire FC are incredibly proud to be associated with. Our players learn about dementia, it’s causes and effects, and their eyes are opened about the preventative benefits of keeping active.

This goes far beyond the initial aim of the club, but taking social responsibility within the local community now underpins everything we do. Halcyon Heroes embodies this ethos, and we are delighted to be part of it.

I have no doubt that the knowledge gained by our players—and some of their parents—will have a lifelong impact.”

Stephen Adams
Principal Co-Ordinator Aspire FC


For children to be positively prepared for the inevitable confrontation with ageing and dementia—by developing their knowledge, confidence and empathy.


Organisations working with children such as schools and grassroots sports clubs may apply to Halcyon Heroes™ on behalf of the children they work with.

Joining the award programme is free, but the organisation is expected to help out with some voluntary tasks.


Children whose school or sports club joins Halcyon Heroes™ may partake in the inspiring activities offered by the award.

The programme is short but intense, and will give keen children, ranging from 6 to 16 years old, a formative learning experience they’ll carry with them the rest of their lives.

Upon completion of the programme, children will receive an award certificate and the honourable status of ‘Halcyon Hero’.

Halcyon Hero of the Year

Each participating organisation may, at the end of the award programme, choose a Halcyon Hero of the Year. This accolade is awarded to children who have made an exceptional contribution to the Halcyon Heroes Award.

All Halcyon Heroes of the Year (one from each organisation) receive a special prize.

The Programme

  1. Dementia master class (30 min)
    • Masterclass developed and given by specialists from Halcyon Doctors
    • Organised at a time and place of choice
  2. Visit to care home to spend invaluable time with residents (90 min)
    • Research shows that residents visited by children are less prone to depression and have better physical health, as well as being happier with their present life and more hopeful for the future
    • Visits chaperoned by volunteers from the school or sports club
    • Organised at a local care home of choice
  3. Physical activity throughout the year
    • Children are encouraged to stay active and healthy to reduce their own risk of developing dementia in later life
    • Sponsorship of sports kits by Halcyon Heroes™ to facilitate regular physical activity – capped to £1,000 per participating organisation

“It’s a lovely awakening. And not only do you have the benefit of having these lovely children—and they really are—but they can teach us something, and hopefully we can give them a bit of knowledge too.”

Fay Garcia, 90, resident of Nightingale House in South London
Interviewed by the Independent – 25 March 2018

Our Halcyon Heroes

Aspire Football Club
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Stephen Adams
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